Embedded Systems Development

Prydan creates complex embedded systems that integrate hardware, software, connection, and proximity technologies with user interfaces. From product strategy, design, and system development to the implementation of embedded integrations, testing, and user experience, we cover the whole embedded systems development cycle. We have  over 4+ years of experience developing embedded systems. We are able to provide end-to-end support for embedded development, from system requirements to testing for quality and environment, thanks to our expertise in the fields of Embedded Hardware Solutions.
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Prydan offers a wide range of embedded systems-related services. Our clients benefit from having an useful partner with whom to tackle their complex development needs thanks to our expertise in embedded hardware solutions. We have the relevant skills and understanding to provide parts of your design requirements or the entire solution and execution.

Driver Development

Linux OS Customization

Firmware Over-The-Air

Embedded SDK Development

Android OS Customization

Embedded Software & BSP

Kernel Development

Embedded Architecture Design

High Speed Board Design


Hardware Board Design

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

We Provides Top Embedded Software Development Services

Prydan provides fully integrated services for developing, testing, debugging, and validating solutions for a range of platforms and architectures.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Development

Modern custom HMI solutions that we create and integrate give you complete real-time visibility and control over your embedded devices.

Board Support Package Development

Through the completion of a unique Linux development board support package, we assist you in modifying and improving your current Linux-based system (BSP).

Solutions for Custom Embedded Software

We redesign your current off-the-shelf or custom embedded hardware, offering end-to-end design services from concept to production.

Embedded Software Development Tools

With regard to well-known embedded software development tools, our skilled developers and engineers have many years of collective experience and knowledge.
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Development tools Images
Visual Studio
Development tools Images
Development tools Images
Qt Creator
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ARM Keil
Development tools Images
Development tools Images
Development tools Images
Development tools Images

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Why Embedded System?

An expert's knowledge of skills, concentration, and domain is necessary in the technological field of embedded systems. Because of the rapid advancement of technology, hardware is getting smaller and faster today. Therefore, there is always a need for strong, creative, reliable, and secure embedded solutions to meet the same. The Embedded industry has a number of difficulties, including restricted budgets, skilled employees shortages, price restrictions, new hardware, etc. It helps reduce project risk and expediting time to market.

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