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Welcome to Prydan, where we solve people problems by connecting businesses with the best talent for their requirements and helping individuals find fulfilling jobs. Our aim is to create abundance by bridging the gap between talent and opportunity. With our innovative approach and extensive network, we provide tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of both companies and professionals. By seamlessly facilitating this connection, we empower businesses to unlock their full potential and individuals to thrive in rewarding careers. Let's collaborate to build a future of prosperity, where talent and opportunity converge for mutual growth and success.

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At PRYDAN, we proudly partner with leading businesses across diverse industries. Our clients, from startups to global corporations in the USA and India, trust us for unparalleled recruitment and staffing solutions. Explore the logos below to see who we've empowered.

How We Solve People Problems

Navigate your next career move effortlessly with PRYDAN. Our location-based job search connects you to a world of opportunities across the USA and India. Whether you're seeking the vibrant tech hubs of Silicon Valley, the bustling financial districts of Mumbai, or the innovative healthcare centers in Bangalore, PRYDAN places your aspirations within reach. Start your journey today and discover where your skills can take you

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Empowering Success: Beyond Recruitment with PRYDAN

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Trust Prydan for efficient hiring solutions, offering quick and precise personnel selection through our comprehensive approach. Our services encompass candidate matching, streamlined processes, and personalized support, fostering your company's expansion. With a vast array of job opportunities across various skill sets in your locale, we cater to individuals at all experience levels. Count on us to guide you through every career stage, with your success as our utmost priority.

Staffing Assistance

PRYDAN offers staff augmentation, permanent recruitment, contract staffing, and RPO services tailored for diverse industries across the USA and India. We blend tech and human insight to connect you with top talent, propelling your success. Your journey starts here.

Permanent Recruitment

Tailored talent acquisition strategies to source and place the ideal candidates for long-term success in your organization.

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Contract Staffing

Flexible, on-demand staffing solutions to meet your business's evolving needs, providing high-skilled professionals on a contractual basis.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Use our RPO services to expedite hiring process. Get top talent while cutting down on the time and cost of hiring.

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Staff Augmentation

Custom staff augmentation to help you quickly scale your team up or down with the right expertise, aligning with project demands and market changes.

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Industry-Specific Staffing Expertise with PRYDAN

PRYDAN serves a multitude of industries, offering specialized staffing solutions for IT, healthcare, finance, engineering, and more. Across the USA and India, we align top talent with the unique needs of each sector, driving growth and innovation.




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Thank you for consistently demonstrating qualities in the realm of technical recruitment. Your positive and collaborative attitude helps build rapport with candidates and hiring teams, fostering trust and open communication. Your deep understanding of the technical landscape and keen eye for identifying and evaluating top technical talent make you stand out from other recruiters. Your quick and efficient responses, which contribute greatly to the hiring process, are greatly appreciated. Hopefully, we will grow this relationship significantly in the upcoming times.

Vaibhav Parikh

Director of Engineering - Digital / Software

Volansys (An ACL Digital Company)

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It can be difficult to find and keep employees, but we are prepared to discuss how we can tailor a staffing solution just for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a recruitment agency?

    Recruitment agencies, usually referred to as employment agencies, are businesses that help employers discover qualified candidates. They search for qualified people to fill open positions on behalf of the companies. In addition to saving time and money, recruitment agencies have access to a wider pool of candidates than a company could find on its own.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Firm To Fill Openings At My Business?

    Working with a recruitment expert like Prydan can be quite advantageous for your business as well as hiring managers. The following are the justifications for using Prydan to fill all of your positions: quicker hiring turnaround, access to a larger skill pool, Improved candidate quality, recruitment-specific expertise, employer focus, employee market awareness, total openness throughout the process, and end-to-end assistance until onboarding

    What Kind Of Hiring Solutions Does Prydan Provide?

    Permanent Staffing / Full-Time Executive Hires , Contract / Temporary Staffing, Leadership Hiring

    How Much Do I Participate In The Hiring Process?

    There are a few critical phases in which, as an Employer, you will be fully involved. Situations where you and your team's feedback is essential to the hiring process. To ensure swift turnaround times and the candidate's high level of engagement throughout the process, you must work in conjunction with our recruiters on the feedback on CVs that were shortlisted, feedback on interviews, offer rollout, joining dates, and candidate engagement. Your input and participation will contribute to ongoing improvement and speed up the recruiting process.

    How Would Prydan Improve The Hiring Process At My Company?

    Prydan can enhance your company's hiring process by streamlining candidate sourcing, screening, and assessment through its advanced AI algorithms. It identifies top talent efficiently, saving time and resources while ensuring a more diverse and qualified pool of candidates. With Prydan's insights, your hiring decisions become more informed, leading to better long-term fits for your organization.

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    Helping you excel with PRYDAN's premier recruitment and staffing services, connecting you seamlessly with the talent you need.

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    Prydan, a premium staffing firm based in New York, excels in staff augmentation solutions, helping companies access the best developers and talents find their ideal roles. By combining the needs of businesses and professionals, we aim to create abundance through meaningful employment opportunities. Our mission is to facilitate 1 million placements by 2025, building thriving IT and HR communities across the USA.
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