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In the fast-paced, ever-evolving tech landscape, businesses are constantly faced with the challenge of staying ahead of the curve. Maintaining a competitive edge requires a team that's not only skilled but also agile, adaptable, and aligned with the latest industry trends and technologies. Enter Prydan's staff augmentation solutions – a strategic approach that empowers businesses to harness the power of on-demand talent, seamlessly integrating top-tier professionals into their existing workforce.

The Art of Staff Augmentation

At its core, staff augmentation is the process of supplementing your in-house team with specialized expertise and resources from a third-party provider. This flexible model allows you to scale up or down as per your project requirements, without the complexities and commitments of traditional hiring. Whether you need 10 engineers to tackle a complex, multi-faceted initiative or a lone coding virtuoso to breathe life into your cutting-edge idea, Prydan's staff augmentation services have you covered.

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Unlock the Power of Staff Augmentation with PRYDAN


Flexibility and expandability:

In New York, IT staffing augmentation offers businesses flexibility, allowing workspace adjustments as needed for projects, enhancing efficiency.


Skip recruitment delays:

Efficiently gathering experts, we expedite onboarding, setting a record for swift integration, bypassing the lengthy talent acquisition process.


Create healthy teams

We thoroughly assess developers' soft and behavioral skills to guarantee smooth integration and a positive alignment with the organizational culture.


Advantageous fruitful solutions

IT staffing augmentation offers skilled professionals without overhead costs, enabling businesses to focus on core activities economically.


Streamline communication

Our developers synchronize their schedules with yours, actively give and receive feedback, and possess outstanding communication skills.


Access the top 1% of talent

We have conducted thorough assessments of technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities, saving you the need to undergo rigorous testing.

Augment Your Team With Prydan In 4 Easy Step

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Share your staffing needs
We'll connect with you to understand your project requirements and ideal team composition
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Access Top talent Pool
Within 48 hours, receive candidates that perfectly align with your needs.
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Interview with Ease
Choose the candidates that match your criteria, and we'll arrange seamless interviews
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Onboard with confidence
Once you have made your selection, PRYDAN will handle the entire onboarding process

Prydan's Process: Streamlined for Success

Step 1 : Kick-Off with a Discovery Call
Jumpstart your project with a discovery call. Share your vision, goals, timeline, and budget. It's our first step towards tailoring our expertise to your needs.
Step 2: Assemble Your Ideal Team
Quickly, we'll match you with the perfect experts from our pool, ensuring they align with your project's specific requirements.
Step 3: Integrate and Adapt
Our team integrates with yours from day one, ready to scale up or down as your project evolves.

Client experiences


a rapidly expanding fintech startup

FinScale, for its own part, had to push forward its production to address the fast-paced market’s needs and regulatory changes as well.

Interfaced with the in-house team and worked with service providers to contribute with knowledge and skills in DevOps, system administration, and cybersecurity.

A cycle of development increased twofold (50%), an increase of customer satisfaction by 30%, and reduced time-to-market for finance products by two times (the quicker it is two times).

Case Study


A First World Top Internet Retailer.

LSphere endeavored to heighten the quality of its customer service with two-way communication and AI-based advice in shopping.

Well, hired the Augmentation services to furnish Full Stack Developers as well as the experts of Python for embedding the advanced Machine Learning models in the software ecosystem.

Our user engagement soared 40% and net sales increased 25% thereby spreading the world about our exceptional e-commerce user experience.

Case Study


A media company stuck in conventional media as the Digital Era begins

For DigitalDynamo this meant to broaden their digital presence as to captivate the younger crowd, however, lack of knowledge in the digital media and old-fashioned technology was pulling the whole project back.

The organization employed leaders with the needed capabilities in digital transformation, UI/UX design, and content strategy

We were able to widen the website's online traffic by 300% and ad revenue swag by 150%. Subsequently, a massive young audience was attracted.

Case Study

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services:

It can be difficult to find and keep employees, but we are prepared to discuss how we can tailor a staffing solution just for you.

Your Advantages With Prydan

  • Software Development
  • Full Stack Development Teams
  • Project Management
  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Why Opt for Our Software Development Team?

    Staff Augmentation

    Dedicated software development Teams

    Software Development OutSourcing

    Scale Your lineup on demand

    Get the Top 1% of tech talent on your timezone

    Fill specific skill gaps with top-tier talent

    Integrate developers into your existing teams

    Manage the team yourself

    Get an entire team working alongside you

    Minimize in-house team involvement

    Reduce management involvement with our project manager

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Quickly Can I Scale My Team Using Staff Augmentation?

    One of the greatest advantages of staff augmentation is the agility it offers in scaling your team. Since you're tapping into a ready pool of talent, you can add or reduce team members much quicker than the traditional hiring process allows. This speed is crucial for meeting project timelines and adapting to sudden changes in workload.

    Is Staff Augmentation Suitable for All Industries?

    Absolutely! Staff augmentation is a versatile solution that can be tailored to fit a wide range of industries. From IT and software development to healthcare, finance, creative sectors, and beyond, any industry can leverage staff augmentation to fill skill gaps, tackle project-specific needs, or handle workload fluctuations. It's all about finding the right talent that aligns with your industry's unique requirements.

    Will Staff Augmentation Increase My Costs?

    On the contrary, staff augmentation can be a smart way to reduce costs and maximize your return on investment. By avoiding the traditional costs associated with hiring full-time staff (such as recruitment fees, benefits, and office supplies), you're cutting corners on expenses. Additionally, the flexibility to adjust team sizes as per project needs adds to the cost-effectiveness. And let's not forget the potential savings gained by hiring talent from regions with a lower cost of living, allowing you to access quality skills without the heavy price tag.

    Can Staff Augmentation Help with Short-term Projects?

    Absolutely! Staff augmentation is a fantastic fit for short-term projects or seasonal peaks in work. It allows you to bring in specialized talent just for the duration of the project, ensuring you have the right skills on deck without the long-term commitment. This way, you maintain high productivity and meet project deadlines efficiently, without the need for a permanent workforce expansion.

    Our Numbers Speak for Themselves


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